Become a GLYDER + Join the movement

Our electric kick scooters will be coming to a city near you very soon. Join the movement and become a GLYDER. Our customers have access to a free floating dockless fleet of electric kick scooters around the city centre.

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Download APP from the App Store or the Google Play and start your journey with us


Locate the nearest kick scooter. You can see all the available and charged scooters


Use your GLYDE app to scan the QR code. Register in a few simple steps and get started


Start your ride with a simple tap. Ride safely and park the scooter in an appropriate space


Dockless kick-scooters

Our mission is to create a sustainable and effortless ride experience for the everyday commuter. Our customers should be empowered to travel on their own terms and experience a more connected city.

Sustainable & effortless

Green & Yellow

Our yellow scooters will contribute to greener cities at the same time as it connects you closer to the city in an effortless way on your terms.


Always Safety First!


Follow all traffic rules including street signs and stop signs. And remember only one rider per vehicle.


Park GLYDES out of the public way by keeping walkways and driveways clear. We have very simple rules: please be considerate!


No riding on sidewalks unless local law requires or permits. Ride in bike lanes or close to the right curb.


For your own safety, always follow road traffic regulations and please wear a helmet.

Our features

Everyday made simpler

Register in few steps and start your journey with us. If you want to take a break just park your Scooter so no one else can reserve it. If you are a frequent user buy a credit package!

Easy Registration

It takes only 30 seconds to sign up to the GLYDE club.

Take a break

If you want to make a pit stop and chat or buy something just temporarily park the GLYDE! That way no one else can reserve your GLYDE.

Enjoy more

Buy credits and get more minutes to ride for.

Download The GLYDE App

Download the GLYDE APP from Apple Store or Google Play Store and join us on our green movement.

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Simple Pricing

Unlock Fee

  • One-off fee to unlock GLYDE

Minute Fee

  • Ride fee per minute
2.80 SEK/min

Parking Fee

  • Temporarily park GLYDE
1.80 SEK/min

Buy Credits

Buy credits for yourself or give away free rides to your friends by referal and get more free credits


Frequently Asked Questions

What is GLYDE?

GLYDE offers you an easy way of transportation in cities and urban areas through dockless electric kick-scooter sharing. Our mission is to create a sustainable and effortless ride experience for the everyday commuter. Our customers should be empowered to travel on their own terms and experience a more connected city. Become a GLYDER & join the movement.

Pricing of GLYDE?

There is a 5 SEK activation fee to unlock a GLYDE Scooter plus a variable fee of 2.80 SEK per minute. No other registration fee or upfront payment. If you e.g. rent GLYDE for 10 mins that will cost you 33 SEK (5 SEK to unlock + 10min x 2.80 SEK).

How much is 1 credit worth?

1 Credit is equal to 1 SEK. So whenever you refer a friend you can get 15 free credits which equals to 15 SEK.

What do I need?

To be able to rent a GLYDE you must fulfil the following:

  • you're 18 years or older
  • you own a smartphone
  • and a valid credit card

How do I rent a GLYDE?

Open the GLYDE app to view available vehicles. When you’re close enough to a GLYDE you can unlock the vehicle via the GLYDE app, either by selecting the vehicle or by scanning the QR-code.

Speed mode and limits?

You can change your speed mode for GLYDE. Double click the power button to switch the mode:

— Red "S" icon: Sport mode (maximum power/speed and reduced range)
— White "S" icon: Standard mode (moderate power/speed and range)
— No "S" icon: Speed limit mode (minimum power/speed and increased range)

The maximum speed is 20-25km/h (depending on local laws), but always be cautious.

Where can I return my GLYDE?

Your GLYDE must be returned within our service area (within the yellow border in the map view for your specific city). The GLYDE must not be returned outside of this area or within a non-parking zone. However you can park the vehicle outside of the service area but if you would like to end your ride this must be done within the service area.

Pre-Authorization on Registration?

To validate that you have a valid debit/credit card we do a pre-authorization. We reserve some amount (in SEK) whenever a customer sign up or adds a new debit/credit card to validate the card can be charged. There is no transfer of funds and the authorization will be canceled immediately. So do not worry, we do not charge you any money for signing up we just validate that your card is valid.

Temporarily park the GLYDE?

If you need to make an urgent phone call or want to make a pit stop, you don't have to end the rent! Reserve your GLYDE for yourself and lock it for others by opening the app and tapping on "Park" to give yourself a little break. If you want to continue with your GLYDE, go back to the app and press "Continue/Unlock". But don't forget that you rent a GLYDE per minute. So, the clock runs even if you're not moving but the rent is activated.

Where can I park my GLYDE?

So if you feel like taking a break och going for a small snack you can park your GLYDE and reserve it for yourself till you get back on the ride again. You are only restricted to park within a non-parking zone. Besides that all the areas are allowed for parking your GLYDE.

How do I end the ride?

Before ending the ride, make sure your GLYDE is parked in an suitable and accessible area and that it is not blocking sidewalks, public roads or garages. Then just tap “End Ride” in the app.

Sharing your referral code?

After your registration you’ll receive an email that includes your personal referral code. You can share this code with your friends. Or find and share your code directly in the app.

How do I pay?

Your rides are paid automatically with your provided payment method - after you end your ride. So, make sure you press “end rental” after you've reached your destination

Where to ride a GLYDE?

The local traffic laws applies to GLYDE. Unless mandated otherwise in your local traffic laws, use the bicycle path if there is one. Else use the road if possible. Please do not ride on sidewalks or in marked pedestrian zones. Just be considerate and take care of others.